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Microsoft extends three year 360 warranty conditions

Xbox 360 platform holder Microsoft has altered the terms of conditions of its three year Xbox 360 warranty scheme to include problems related to the common E74 error. In 2007 Microsoft admitted that it was, at the time, not happy with the number of Xbox 360’s suffering the so-called Red …

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Is this the real reason why gamers "risk death"?

It’s been on the lips of every publisher boss this week: How could that Change4Life ad have been avoided?” MCV may finally have the answer today, in the shape of Business4Life; a group of corporate entities which have pledged a 200 million in-kind contribution to support Change4Life through marketing, branding …

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Microsoft promises fewer RROD problems in future

Despite its many achievements in this console generation, the Xbox 360 is still struggling to shake its reputation for poor hardware reliability – but Microsoft has insisted that its new repair procedures should limit the problems in the future. Xbox 360 has become renown for what is known as the …

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