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Sony considered shipping PS4 without a hard drive

PS4 designers at one stage contemplated releasing the system without a hard drive, Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House has admitted. "The reason [having a hard drive or not] was such a large decision because it’s not just for launch but in it for the cycle," he told the Develop …

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FPS creators consulted on DualShock 4 design; Testing OK’d parallel sticks

Sony says that major FPS creators” were consulted on the design of the PS4’s DualShock 4 joypad. The company has also defended its decision to stick with the now traditional DualShock configuration of having both thumbsticks in parallel – a contrast with Microsoft’s preferred offset design for Xbox. We sent …

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Sony: Vita was designed for a different world, but changes are afoot

The PlayStation Vita was designed for a market where smartphones, tablets and freemium games were not the driving force. So when the machine arrived in both 279.99 and 229.99 versions on February 22nd 2012, it unsurprisingly struggled to make an impact on the market. And that, according to Sony’s UK …

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