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REPORT: Deus Ex on hiatus for the foreseeable future

It may be some time before we see another Deus Ex game, according to the latest report from Eurogamer, as it seems publisher Square Enix has put the franchise on hold while it concentrates on its recently announced multi-game Marvel collaboration. This isn’t the first time the series will have …

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Eidos Montreal on living up to Human Revolution with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Since it started working on the Deus Ex franchise, developer Eidos Montreal has been under a great deal of pressure. For 2011’s Human Revolution, it was under scrutiny to prove its game could live up to the quality and depth of the original Deus Ex. And now, having proven itself …

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Deus Ex brand director defends ‘Augs Lives Matters’

Square Enix’s upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has stoked the fire once again by drawing on another controversial topic in its marketing. A little over a year ago the game was dragged into controversy over its use of the term ‘Mechanical Apartheid’ in its positioning of a future where mankind …

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History Lesson: The story of Deus Ex

Before Deus Ex, there were games about stealth and titles about shooting but rarely did these styles cross over. This was a fact that made Deus Ex creator Warren Spector desire for a more open and realistic style of game – where the player had the option to burst in …

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Video: Square Enix announces mobile title Deus Ex Go, coming out this summer

Deus Ex will be the next Square Enix property to receive the ‘Go’ treatment. The publisher has announced that the title will be launching on mobile devices this summer. The ‘Go’ games are a sub-series by Square Enix that brings some of the company’s biggest franchises to mobile. The first …

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