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‘WB Play’ rumoured to be a Steam competitor from Warner Bros

Warner Bros has filed a series of trademarks for what reportedly could be a digital retail and streaming platform. The Escapist reports that the filings for ‘WB Play’ concern a number of activities such as ‘online retail store services’, ‘audio and video broadcasting services’ and ‘downloadable virtual goods’. Of the …

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GOG.com launches DRM-free film service

Digital games distribution service GOG.com has announced its expansion into movies, as it hopes to entice Hollywood studios to join in its stance against DRM. The company’s new initiative launched earlier today with 20 documentaries revolving around the subject of gaming, including Indie Game: The Movie, Gamer Age and The …

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Valve giving devs option to set own discounts on Steam

Steam developers can now set sales periods and discounts on their own, Valve has revealed. The news broke originally when an anonymous developer posted an image of the new tools on Reddit, with Valve subsequently confirming the leak. "As with the addition of a ‘Recently Updated’ section to Steam, this …

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