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SuperData: Add-on content sales are taking over the traditional one-time purchase model

Revenue from microtransactions in free-to-play PC titles is to reach $22bn (£16.4bn) in 2017 – a 15.7 per cent growth compared to last year, according to SuperData. Meanwhile, revenue from additional content for PC and console games will be on a par with last year, reaching $5bn (£3.7bn), and full …

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Over 50% of global digital console revenue to come from DLC and microtransactions in 2017 – SuperData

As publishers shift to a games-as-a-service business model, additional content should have a growing importance in digital console revenue in 2017, SuperData reports. The data firm expects worldwide digital console revenue to reach $7.8bn (6bn) in 2017, with $4bn (3.1bn) coming from additional content such as as DLC and microtransactions. …

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Bethesda makes Doom’s paid DLC free for everyone

Bethesda just released a new update for Doom, version 6.66, bringing a wealth of changes to the FPS. In a blog post, the publisher announced it has retired” Doom’s Season Pass, making all the DLC free for all players. That’s three multiplayer DLC packs, which include nine of our best …

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Opinion: DLC-quels

Expansions for narrative games are becoming too big for their boots. Jem Alexander thinks these smaller triple-A experiences are a great way to remove financial pressure from developers and players alike

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No single player DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda, report claims

EA and BioWare have chosen not to release any single player DLC for recent RPG release Mass Effect: Andromeda. That’s according to Kotaku, which cites three people familiar with the matter. The news is also entirely separate to the Mass Effect speculation doing the rounds last week. The site first …

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EA dismisses Mass Effect DLC cancellation rumours

Developer BioWare has been forced to dismiss rumours of a cancellation of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s DLC. A Facebook post by what was claimed to be an Austrian company called Sinclair Networks alleged that BioWare had yanked it off development duties and cancelled all DLC plans for the game. This news …

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