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Mattrick promoted at Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that it has promoted former senior vice president of the Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick to the full role of president. The restructuring comes as the fallout of the recent departure of former president Robbie Bach. Mattrick a former long-timer at third party publisher EA, now takes …

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MICROSOFT: New motion-sensing camera revealed

Microsoft’s Don Mattrick asked a packed audience at the Galen Centre in Los Angeles: Can we make you the controller?” The answer to that question, according to Microsoft, was Project Natal; a camera based peripheral that can, seemingly, scan and replicate the image it sees, employ voice recognition and, of …

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INTERVIEW: Don Mattrick and John Schappert

Don Mattrick’s assertion that his rivals had been on an extended vacation judging by their showing at E3 grabbed headlines globally, but there’s more where that came from. Xbox boss Mattrick and Live figurehead John Schappert delve further into what they thought of their rivals at E3 and the future …

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