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DotA 2 documentary unveiled as Valve’s movie project

Valve has confirmed previous reports and teases that the company is in production on a gaming-related film, unveiling a documentary focused on pro circuit players competing in the annual Dota 2 tournament The International. Gabe Newell revealed that his company is producing the film on GTTV late last week, providing …

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DOTA 2 to be a "new kind" of free-to-play

Valve will pursue its experiment with the free-to-play games model with a new plan to release its upcoming game DOTA 2 for free, the company’s managing director has said. Gabe Newell claimed Valve is not applying a wholly conventional freemium model for the online action strategy game.Usually, freemium games are …

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IGN’s People Choice Award breaks voting records

258,367 gamers voted in IGN’s People’s Choice Award, breaking records for the most individuals voting for a games award. Valve’s Dota 2 won the prize, which saw players choose their game of Gamescom 2011. The incredible number of voters will mean it goes into the Guinness Word Records – Gamers …

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