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Dragon Quest ‘does a Minecraft’ with Builders spin-off

It’s pretty easy to surmise what game may have proved the inspiration for the latest Dragon Quest title. More or less nothing is known about the freshly revealed Dragon Quest Builders aside from what can be found on the Japanese website. Kotaku reports that the block building RPG” will allow …

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Dragon Age Inquisition is fastest-selling BioWare game yet, says EA

Electronic Arts told investors last night that its latest Dragon Age game marked the biggest launch for a BioWare game in the company’s history. That’s bigger than any of the Mass Effect games and its Star Wars games. Dragon Age: Inquisition had by far the most successful launch in BioWare’s …

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MCV’s 12 Games of Christmas: Dragon Age: Inquisition

The first game in the Dragon Age series (2009’s Dragon Age: Origins) was so popular that at the time it eclipsed even the iconic Mass Effect series in sales, shifting more than 3.2 million units. The role-playing franchise returned in 2011 for Dragon Age II which, although successful commercially and …

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