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Eidos Montreal unveils Dawn Engine, will power next Deux Ex

The team working on the next iteration of the Deux Ex series has unveiled the new game engine that will power its next title. It’s called the Dawn Engine and is a heavily modified” version of the Glacier 2 engine that powered Hitman: Absolution. The technology behind any game is …

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Jobs lost at Thief dev Eidos Montreal

Eidos Montreal has let go of a significant number of development staff just one week after shipping its stealth action reboot Thief. Thief was met with mixed reviews when it arrived last week. The studio’s parent company Square Enix today confirmed toKotakuthat more than 20 staff have been made redundant. …

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Eidos Montreal and Star Citizen pledge AMD Mantle support

AMD’s new PC graphics API Mantle has received the backing of two new game developers. Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Thief creator Eidos Montreal and Star Citizen creator Cloud Imperium Games have both said they will utlilise the software in future titles. Mantle is a new API that will supposedly …

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