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PS3 closes gap on Wii in Japan

The latest hardware sales figures from Japan suggest that Sony’s PS3 is gaining ground on the hugely successful Nintendo Wii. According to Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, Nintendo sold 245,653 Wiis in the four weeks to August 26th, compared with 81,541 units for Sony’s PS3. Xbox 360 sold 11,288 units in the …

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JAPAN: Nintendo Parties as Wii outsells PS3 three to one

Nintendo’s continued dominance continues this week in Japan, according the latest figures from MCV’s exclusive media partner Enterbrain. Wii sales for the week stood at 62,798, while rival PS3 shifted 21,985 consoles. Xbox 360 sold 3,305, but the true star performer was DS once again – with combined DS and …

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Enterbrain: 80GB PS3 is heading to Japan

Industry nose-tappers in Japan are suggesting that Sony will phase out both the 60GB and 20GB PS3 consoles in the territory – but not before a price drop. Enterbrain’s chief marketing analyst Mitsunobu Uwatoko revealed to MCV that, following the PS3’s price cut in the US and the introduction of …

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