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Silicon Knights’ appeal dismissed in Epic case

The United States Court of Appeal has ruled against Silicon Knights’ appeal of a lower court decision which awarded a total of $9.2m in damages and legal fees to Epic Games. TheJanuary 6th decisionis almost certainly the final battle in the fight between the Unreal Engine maker and the studio …

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Gears of War on Xbox One? Microsoft is hopeful

Microsoft hopes that it can one day bring its incredibly successful Xbox 360 franchise Gears of War to Xbox One. There’s bad news, though – it doesn’t sound like there are any plans in place at the moment. Gears of War is developed by Epic Games, and they’ve been our …

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Nvidia reveal ‘current-gen beating’ Keplar mobile GPU

Epic Games gave a tech demo at SIGGRAPH today that showed what it called desktop PC game content” running on Nvidia’s Logan” mobile processor. The Unreal Engine 4 powered demonstration took advantage of Nvidia’s new support for OpenGL 4.3, which allows developers access to high-end graphics on mobile devices. The …

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