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Epic unlikely to make another triple-A single-player game

Gears of War creator Epic has said that its want to maintain independence may mean it never makes another big single-player epic. This shift, it has said, came after the completion of Gears of War: Judgement, the cost of which was huge. "The economics of those games forces developers to …

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Free-to-play Paragon getting $60 physical PS4 edition

Epic’s upcoming F2P outing Paragon is to receive a very un-free boxed release on PS4. A $59.99 Paragon Edition has been announced for North America for June 7th. For the money gamers get a host of in-game items and perks including 6,000 Paragon Coins (worth $60), some additional challenges, permanent …

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Epic opens European publishing office in Berlin

Epic Games has opened a new office in Germany aimed at strengthening its publishing arms in Europe and Russia. The Berlin-based location will be led by Paw Larsen and Sergey Galyonkin, directors for publishing in Western and Eastern Europe, respectively. Larsen previously headed up eSports publishing for League of Legends …

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