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European Blu-Ray sales hit 2m

Europe has bought 2.37 million Blu-Ray disks since the format went on sale in 2006, achieving the landmark figure faster than it took standard DVD to when it first appeared in 1997. The news comes just three months after the format broke the one million European sales mark in November …

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European Spore release date announced

One of the most highly anticipated PC games of all time, Will Wright’s Spore, will be released in Europe on September 5th – and the shock news is that the DS incarnation will arrive alongside the PC and Mac releases. Also surprising is the fact that European gamers will be …

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PEGI rating system implemented in Austria

The Viennese Provincial Government has decreed to adopt the PEGI age rating system in order to more efficiently restrict young peoples access to adult themed video games in Austria. The Viennese Youth Protection Act will need to be amended in order for the system to be built into the law, …

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