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Move over Elder Scrolls: Tera Online is now the biggest MMO of all time on Steam

In news that might surprise many, the biggest MMO on PC platform Steam isn’t Final Fantasy XIV, EVE Online or The Elder Scrolls Online. Instead, it’s relative newcomer Tera Online, a Korean free-to-play effort which only launched on the Steam store earlier this month, on May 5th. Tera’s developer En …

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International Factfile 2015: Iceland

Iceland is a thriving landscape for games, backed by strong government investment in the industry. According to technology website Wired, revenue from Iceland’s video games industry rose by more than 600 per cent between 2008 and 2011. Icelandic news outlet Eyjan reports that video games earned the country 1.9 billion …

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RuneScape and Eve Online suffer DDoS attacks

A series of sustained distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks across a number of games including including MMOs RuneScape and Eve Online have caused widespread server disruption for players. RuneScape developer Jagex posted on the game’s forum warning users not to participate in dangerous/high-risk content such as PvP or high level PvM”, …

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New EVE Online FPS Project Legion in development for PC

CCP has revealed a new first-person shooter from the same team working on its free-to-play console multiplayer game Dust 514. The new title will build on the ideas of the console shooter and expand on them.CCP exec producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon said the new game would offer more of a sandbox …

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CCP reports $21m annual loss

CCP Games has recorded a loss of more than $21m for the company’s most recently completed fiscal year, down from the $4.6m in profit made in the prior year. A significant increase in the firm’s Research & Development budget was the main culprit for the downswing, clocking in at $56.5m …

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