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All Oculus Rift pre-orders come with EVE: Valkyrie

Those who pre-order the Oculus Rift will get space shooter Eve: Valkyrie for free. All Rift pre-orders will be bundled with CCP’s space combat game. The title is debuting on Oculus Rift, before coming to PlayStation VR at a later point. Of course, that’s not all that will be coming …

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EVE dev CCP gets $30m virtual reality injection

CCP has won itself investment to the tune of $30m to ensure it is ahead of the VR wave. The company currently has two virtual reality titles in development – Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR launch title EVE: Valkyrie, due out in the spring, and Gunjack, which is hitting Gear …

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Execs depart EVE Online developer CCP as San Francisco office closes

CCP, the maker of expansive MMO space sim EVE Online, has announced plans to close its San Francisco office, with two executives also set to depart from the firm. In the company’s latest financial report (via Eurogamer), it was revealed that chief marketing officer David Reid and chief financial officer …

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New EVE Online FPS Project Legion in development for PC

CCP has revealed a new first-person shooter from the same team working on its free-to-play console multiplayer game Dust 514. The new title will build on the ideas of the console shooter and expand on them.CCP exec producer Jean-Charles Gaudechon said the new game would offer more of a sandbox …

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Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff joins EVE: Valkyrie cast

Banking back towards Starbuck territory, Katee Sackhoff will appear in CCP’s virtual reality title EVE: Valkyrie. The Battlestar Galactica star’s involvement was revealed at the developer’s Fanfest event in Iceland. She will provide voice acting for the lead character Rn. The first time I played Eve: Valkyrie I immediately knew …

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