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What we can learn from Fable Fortune’s Kickstarter

There were a few reasons for thinking that the Kickstarter campaign for Fable Fortune would do pretty well. For one, the free-to-play card game was associated with an iconic brand, Fable, and was being made by former Lionhead developers who, since the studio’s closure, have formed Flaming Fowl. Historically, this …

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Former Lionhead devs launching Fable card game on Kickstarter

Though Fable studio Lionhead has been closed, the iconic RPG franchise is not dead yet. As reported by IGN, the developer was secretly developing a free-to-play Fable digital card game called Fable Fortune. The firm had been working on this for 18 months before the studio was shut. Now that …

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And so our story ends: Lionhead has officially closed

Fable makers Lionhead has officially closed. In March, Microsoft announced it would cancel Fable Legends and that it was in consultation with the Guildford studio over whether to close it or not. The consultation has ended and Lionhead will officially close. Microsoft said: "We have reached the decision to close …

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