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Fallout 3 suffers early piracy blow

Most publishers are accustomed to their titles hitting the pirate network the very moment they’re shipped out to retail, but Bethesda has suffered an early blow with news that Fallout 3 has already hit illegal file sharing networks. The game, which isn’t due out in the UK until October 31st, …

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E3 08: Fallout 3 DLC gets 360 console exclusivity

Mirroring the deal Microsoft struck with Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content exclusivity, the firm has announced that DLC for the upcoming Fallout 3 will be exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC. Bethesda’s Todd Howard said of the move: "We love Xbox Live Marketplace. We’re happy to announce …

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Interplay adds games to GameTap

Interplay has teamed up with download service GameTap to give away three classic releases for free. Digital versions of Fallout, Descent and MDK will be made available for users via Gametap’s subscription-based play service, ad-supported website and digital download store. However, no release date has been set. Interplay has been …

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