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Westone Bit Entertainment, creator of Wonder Boy, to file for bankruptcy

Long-standing Japanese developer Westone Bit Entertainment is reportedly facing bankruptcy. An industry stalwart for almost three decades, Westone is best known as the creator of 1986 hit arcade side-scroller Wonder Boy, which was relaunched on the NES as Hudson’s Adventure Island, and the Monster World series, which was recently collated …

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Miyamoto says analysts are ‘silly’ to worry about Nintendo’s financial health

Concerns about Nintendo’s financial health are missing the point, design legend Shigeru Miyamoto has argued. Although 3DS is gaining momentum it is still missing Nintendo’s expectations and Wii U is in danger of completely collapsing in the global market. But analysts who look solely at the numbers simply son’t understand …

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Tough year for Konami but better things are ahead, it insists

Konami has reported annual declines to its net revenue, operating income and net income. For the year ending March 31st 2013 net revenue fell 15 per cent to 225,995m, operating income fell 46.6 per cent to 21,875m and net income fell 42.8 per cent to 1,174m. Konami’s digital entertainment business …

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