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Former Rovio trio go it alone, get funding

Finnish startup Boomlagoon has secured financial backing and will soon launch its first game. Former Angry Birds developers Antti Stn, Tuomas Erikoinen, and Ilkka Halila formed the studio in April but have only now secured a deal with Jari Ovaskainen and London Venture Partners to make their official debut. Stn …

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Angry Birds Land to open in Finland

Finland is not just the home of Angry Birds developers Rovio; soon it will also have its very own Angry Birds amusement park. The park will be a part of the Srkenniemi Adventure Park in Tampere, and is due to open on April 28th. Featured attractions will include rides, interactive …

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MCV heads into Nordic territories

Intent Media will launch a trade site and daily email for the exploding Nordic games community this spring. Covering Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, MCV Nordic will arrive in mid-March with local editors and in partnership with local trade organisations.It will cover all aspects of the industry, from publishing, …

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