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Flappy Bird ported… to an e-cigarette

Recently we saw Flappy Bird forcibly inserted into a running copy of Super Mario World. Its ambitions clearly don’t stop there, however. Kotaku reports that the former smartphone hit has now for the first time been ported to an unfamiliar handheld – an e-cigarette. The eVic-VTC Mini ecig, from manufacturer …

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Flappy Bird creator returns with new game

The studio behind one of mobile’s biggest viral hits has teased its next release. DotGears released Flappy Bird in 2013, with the simple ‘touch to fly’ title rocketing to mainstream success in 2014. Creator Dong Nguyen at one stage claimed that more than $50k was being generated in daily advertising …

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Flappy Bird more than doubles Destiny’s peak searches in 2014

Google’s 2014 search data analysis has crowned cult smartphone hit Flappy Bird and the internet’s king of gaming in 2014. Overall Flappy Bird was the year’s most searched game followed by online Threes clone 2048, FIFA 15, Destiny and Titanfall. Flappy Bird searches peaked on February 9th while Destiny enjoyed …

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Flappy Bird has returned… via the Amazon Appstore

Dong Nguyen’s iOS flash-in-the-pan Flappy Bird is back. Strangely, new title Flappy Birds Family isn’t available on the Apple App Store or Google Play and can only be had through the Amazon Appstore. It’s free and is compatible with Amazon’s Fire TV platform. Flappy Birds now are on Amazon Fire …

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Flappy Bird to return in August with multiplayer – report

Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is reportedly planning on re-releasing his controversial mobile hit this August. Nguyen revealed in March that he was planning a re-release with some improvements, but now CNBC is reporting a multiplayer component will be added. "Flappy Bird’s Dong Nguyen: Flappy Bird is coming back. Multiplayer. …

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Flappy Bird to receive re-release

Flappy Bird will eventually see a return to mobile marketplaces, creator Dong Nguyen has confirmed. Nguyen revealed he was considering resubmitting the game earlier this month, and apparently has since made up his mind about it – though he adds not to expect the game’s return anytime soon. "Yes. But …

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