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Former StarCraft pro Flash says salaries capped at $60,000

Former StarCraft II player Lee “Flash” Young-ho has claimed that salaries for players in Korea were capped at 70 million won, which is roughly $60,000.  The revelation came during a livestream on Afreeca TV, which was then translated by Yahoo eSports. In the video Flash claims that teams and organisation …

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Twitch moves towards pure HTML5 video player, has ditched some Flash functionality

The Amazon-owned streaming site has redesigned its video player, with half of the player now using HTML5. In a blog post, Twitch said that the controls for the video players will be using HTML5 and JavaScript rather than Flash. However, videos themselves will still be using Flash. But Twitch says …

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Mozilla’s Firefox now blocks Flash by default

Firefox developer Mozilla has announced that the latest version of the browser will block Flash by default. The news comes after a seemingly never-ending string of security concerns about the once popular software, the most recent of which involved the exposure of a major vulnerability detailed in 400GB worth of …

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A technical guide to cross-platform development

Deploying your game to as many platforms is a great way to find success, but what barriers will you face? Flowplay CTO Doug Pearson offers an in-depth guide to programming languages, toolsets and target platforms

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