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Focus: “Vampyr will be considered a success when around 1m copies are sold”

Focus Home Interactive’s boss Cédric Lagarrigue talks about the publisher’s ambitions for Dontnod’s Vampyr and why he’d choose a sequel over DLC for the title. For more on Vampyr, you can also read our interview with Dontnod’s narrative director Stéphane Beauverger. How did you and Dontnod start working on Vampyr and how …

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Square Enix is falling back in love with JRPGs following Bravely Default success

Few companies have so fully embodied the shift in global games development from the West to the East as Square Enix. Once famed for its Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest RPG series, in recent years the company has put more effort into Westernised titles such as Deus Ex, Tomb Raider …

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Meet the gaming headset that "overclocks" your brain by electrocuting it

Yes, that headline is correct. The $249 Foc.us is being advertised as a tDCS [transcranial Direct Current Stimulation] headset for gamers” that allows users to overclock your brain to increase the plasticity”. The result? Allegedly a user’s synapses fire faster”. Or in other words – Faster Processor, Faster Graphics, Faster …

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From nearly skipping Europe to 21m sales – we explore the magic of Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing was the sort of game that should have never worked in the West. In a village filled with humanised animals, a player must set up a home, look after the garden, go fishing, write letters and perform other leisure activities. It’s exactly the sort of game that was …

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Morrisons renews games focus

Morrisons is tackling the video games market with renewed focus this year, according to its games buyer Simon Millea. The grocer plans to make its games business more relevant and theatrical for its customers by being more selective with the titles it stocks and finding new sources of revenue. We …

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Facebook refocusing on core games market

Facebook is set to redefine gaming on its social network with a string of new ‘core player-focused’ titles, the head of game partnerships at the company has claimed. Speaking toReuters, Sean Ryan said a new set of games would be released on Facebook during the next two quarters, embracing both …

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