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Brexit is simulated in Football Manager 17

One of the new features in Football Manager 17 is Brexit, which can make life unbelievably hard if you are unlucky. Deciding to take the reigns of a British club opens you up to the possibility of having to deal with Brexit. There will be three types of Brexit that …

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European boss Jurgen Post on Sega’s return

Stormrise, Viking: Battle of Asgard, Condemned, Planet 51, The Golden Compass, Iron Man, Let’s Tap, The Incredible Hulk… There was a period in Sega’s recent history where it released a seemingly endless number of (often not very good) games. Financially, the strategy worked for a while, specifically during the Wii …

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Margin Makers: Guide to Sega merchandise

For the past 30 years, Sega has endured ups and downs, to put it mildly. It may never return to its ‘90s glory days, but it is currently enjoying a new lease of life on PC and mobile. Sega has revitalised its iconic character Sonic, created in 1991, by launching …

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