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Gambling Commission ‘our legal powers would not allow us to step in’ on loot boxes

The UK’s gambling commission will not be stepping into the loot box furore, said a statement today from Tim Miller its executive director. As has been repeated ad nauseam in recent debates, Miller makes the argument that if the items cannot be cashed out then its legal powers would not …

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Belgium Gaming Commission says loot boxes ARE gambling and wants them banned in Europe

Governments from both sides of the Atlantic have said they intend to take down video games loot boxes. PC Gamer reports that after declaring it was investigating loot boxes last week, the Belgium Gaming Commission has decided that they ARE a form of gambling. Furthermore, as a form of gambling …

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EA insists loot boxes are not gambling despite Dutch and Belgian investigations

In the hours leading up to its decision to suspend Star Wars Battlefront 2’s loot crate spending, EA has argued that the system is not a form of gambling. This is despite the news that two European countries are investigating just that question. Gamasutra reports that Belgian Gaming Commission general …

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