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Gameloft’s Guillemot stepping down to help protect Ubisoft from Vivendi

Michel Guillemot intends to quit Gameloft after its shareholders backed the hostile takeover at the hands of Vivendi. That’s according to Bloomberg, which says that Vivendi now controls 56 per cent of Gameloft voting rights and will appoint a director majority at the company’s AGM at the end of the …

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Gameloft closes Spanish studio, report claims

Mobile outlet Gameloft has shut down yet another studio as part of its on-going ‘cost reduction programme’. Following the closure of its Seattle, New Zealand and New York offices – to name but three of the seven eliminated over the last year,alongside the loss of more than 850 jobs– this …

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Vivendi positions for Gameloft takeover

Vivendi has increased its stock in Gameloft, resulting in a battle for control of the mobile studio. The media giant – and previous owner of Activision Blizzard – has now acquired more than 30 per cent of Gameloft’s stock, meaning it must now attempt to takeover the firm with a …

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