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Yooka-Laylee: Playing to an audience

How do you make sure your nostalgia-fueled game has a familiar feel, but still brings something new to the table? Jem Alexander speaks to the audio director and two composers on Yooka-Laylee to find out

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Switch games taste deliberately horrendous

Is this the best bit of Switch functionality of the lot? We reckon it might be. So Kotaku does this thing called Snacktaku where it tastes and reviews food. Normally actual food, you understand. After US games journalist Jeff Gerstmann revealed via Twitter that he had indeed tasted a Switch …

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.games domain websites will go on sale this year

Games companies will soon be able to register a .games domain for their company’s or product’s online presence. The website address suffix has been purchased by provider Rightside, which highlighted the extension as a way to promote a studio or specific franchise. "Our acquisition of .games is an exciting opportunity …

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