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EA crowned top publisher of 2010

Electronic Arts has been named the leading games publisher for the second year in a row. The firm took the biggest share of the UK games market in 2010 in terms of revenue generated from games and units sold – as it did in 2009. Data from GfK Chart-Track revealed …

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UK January charts: market stumbles

January software sales in the UK were down year-on-year despite a slew of major new releases. The likes of Bayonetta, Darksiders, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Mass Effect 2 and MAG were all launched last month, leading some to believe the UK games market would have a strong start …

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Global games decline measured at 8%

The world’s three biggest retail markets for video games saw a combined decline of eight per cent in sales last year according to a new report. A new Top Global Markets report from NPD, GfK-ChartTrack and Famitsu – which integrates data from USA, UK and Japan – shows the downtown …

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