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New AMD Vega cards will arrive by June

Despite having just last week unveiled its RX500 series of graphics cards, AMD has confirmed that its next-generation GPUs will arrive this quarter. Wccftech reports that the Vega cards, which will be the first to offer AMD’s much hyped new graphics architecture, will be launched by June at the latest. …

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Nintendo Switch GPU specs will run faster when docked to TV, says new report

The Nintendo Switch’s Tegra GPU will run at a higher clock speed when docked to a TV, potentially offering improved gameplay performance compared to using the console on the go, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry has today revealed. According to its latest report on the Switch’s internal specifications, which it says has …

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Nvidia’s full-size GTX 980 graphics card is coming to laptops

The days of watered-down laptop graphics cards could soon be at an end. Nvidia is bringing its flagship GTX 980 GPU to a number of notebook devices. That’s right – the full-size, desktop GTX 980, rather than the laptop-friendly 980M offshoot that launched last year. What this means in practice …

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AMD spins-off graphics division, will focus on GPUs and VR

AMD’s graphics card offering is now a business all of its own. The PC tech firm, which produces both CPUs and GPUs, has created the dedicated Radeon Technologies Group, named after its successful line of graphics cards, in order to double-down in its graphical endeavours. Calling the move a ‘strategic …

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Accessories Update: AMD R9 Fury X GPU and Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

MCV takes a look at the best accessories heading to UK retail. This week, AMD shows off its latest fast and furious graphics card and Microsoft up its performance with the Xbox One Elite controller AMD R9 Fury X As PC players prepare to enter virtual reality with the upcoming …

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AMD reveals new VR-focused flagship graphics card R9 Fury X

AMD is doubling-down in its efforts to attract prospective virtual reality users with a brand new flagship GPU. The R9 Fury X is a dual-GPU card that features an ace up its sleeve – HBM. HBM stands for ‘high-bandwidth stacked memory’, a new design for graphics cards that AMD is …

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