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PopcornFX: Pushing the Boundaries

Sean Cleaver speaks to Persistant Studios CTO, Maxime Dumas, about how middleware is constantly adapting to serve the increasing demands of graphical improvement.

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Visuals of the future

We’re fewer than three years into the latest console generation, but already another major graphical revolution is afoot as VR, mobile advancements and superpowered versions of the PS4 and Xbox One push fidelity forwards. Matthew Jarvis asks Epic, Unity, Crytek, Faceware and Geomerics what’s next

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The Art and Soul of Visual Design

Campo Santo’s Jane Ng, Phosfiend Systems’ Richard Flanagan and Necrophone Games’ Luis Hernandez reveal why original art assets and a defining aesthetic style can count for more than polycounts and texture fidelity

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Mobile graphics will overtake PS4 and Xbox One by next year, ARM claims

Smartphone and tablet titles will be graphically superior to the current generation of consoles by the end of next year. That’s the bold claim from chip manufacturer ARM, which said that as mobile hardware already exceeds the visuals of the PS3 and Xbox 360, portable devices would surpass PS4 and …

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Nvidia’s full-size GTX 980 graphics card is coming to laptops

The days of watered-down laptop graphics cards could soon be at an end. Nvidia is bringing its flagship GTX 980 GPU to a number of notebook devices. That’s right – the full-size, desktop GTX 980, rather than the laptop-friendly 980M offshoot that launched last year. What this means in practice …

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