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GTA Online microtransactions: first details emerge

Prices and more information has been revealed about Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer microtransactions. Eurogamer reports that Rockstar will be offering four GTA Online currency cards that will give users varying amounts of in-game wonga to splash on cars and properties. The existence of these cash cards was first rumoured …

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Analyst predicts GTA V will sell 25m units in first year

We all know Grand Theft Auto V has done gangbusters at launch, but one analyst doesn’t expect it to lose momentum any time soon. Doug Creutz of US firm Cowen & Company predicts Rockstar’s blockbuster will shift a whopping 25m units in its first year on sale, according to CVG. …

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London return unlikely for GTA; Next-gen GTA V downplayed

A new Grand Theft Auto set in London wouldn’t really be a GTA game at all, Rockstar’s Dan Houser has argued. 1999’s Grand Theft Auto: London was the second release in the series and the possibility of the franchise making a return to the UK has been a subject of …

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