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Pirates claim PS3 hack success

With piracy rife in the Wii, Xbox 360, DS and PSP markets, the PS3 has to date proved the only current-gen machine to successfully fend off the hackers – but it seems that things could be about to change. According to reports on Maxconsole, a lengthy and convoluted workaround has …

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Iwata: Piracy is an endless battle

With the PS3 remaining the only current generation console to remain unhacked, platform holder Nintendo – whose DS and Wii remain two of piracy’s largest victims – has admitted that the battle against software piracy is endless”. I recognize there is more software piracy, playing downloaded software data without purchase, …

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Hackers break PSP 3000

The PSP has been a firm favourite in the homebrew and hacking community ever since it first arrived at retail – and now it appears that the recently released PSP 3000 model has also been cracked wide open. MaxConsole reports that a new device called the Datel Lite Blue Tool …

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