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Sony goes legal on PS3 hackers

Mirroring the path it pursued when fighting last year’s battle against the PSJailbreak device, Sony has gone legal on at least two hackers at the heart of the current PS3 piracy drive. Kotaku reports that SCEA is seeking a temporary restraining order against both George ‘geohot’ Hotz and hacking group …

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Hackers break PSP 3000

The PSP has been a firm favourite in the homebrew and hacking community ever since it first arrived at retail – and now it appears that the recently released PSP 3000 model has also been cracked wide open. MaxConsole reports that a new device called the Datel Lite Blue Tool …

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Latest Wii firmware blocks homebrew and Freeloader

It seems that Nintendo has decided to take action on the growing homebrew Wii community following news that its latest update to the Wii’s firmware (version 3.3) removes files associated with ‘unauthorised modifications’ from users’ machines, according to Joystiq . In addition, GoNintendo reports that it also seems that firmware …

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