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OPINION: How Do You Solve A Problem Like LulzSec?

When will it all end? Hacker group LulzSec launched its most ferocious assault to date last night, taking down three video games services in the process. Indie hit Minecraft saw its log-in servers targeted and disabled. The group soon lifted its assault – though not before the entire game was …

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Treyarch has flipped its PS3 security switch

Call of Duty: Black Ops developer Treyarch has said that it has implemented a number of security measures it had already put in place in case of a potential hacking epidemic on PS3. Sony’s machine has come under fresh attack from pirates and modders in recent months, with piracy finally …

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Blizzard sues StarCraft II cheaters

StarCraft II developer Blizzard has issued a lawsuit against three men over a series of hacks and cheats. The three men – known to the game’s community as ‘Permaphrost’, ‘Cranix’ and ‘Linuxawesome’ – have been accused of multiple counts of copyright infringement”, according to Kotaku. Blizzard is seeking damages and …

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