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Naughty Dog director requests Half-Life license from Valve

Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann has expressed his interest in developing a new game based on the Half-Life franchise. Druckmann – who wrote The Last of Us and is currently working on Uncharted 4 – recently took toTwitterto publicly declare Naughty Dog’s interest in Valve’s IP. Look, Valve, all …

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Valve: We’re not saying no to a VR Half-Life

Half-Life 3 could come to virtual reality, says Valve. The latest statement from the firm will reassure fans, who have been eagerly awaiting news on the long over-due sequel. Earlier this week, HTC – which is building the Valve VR headset – said it was ‘working with Half-Life’. But it …

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There is no VR Half-life game, HTC chairwoman ‘misspoke’

Half-life VR is not real. Half-life 3 has not been announced. For many gamers today has effectively eradicated their reason for being. There was tremendous excitement among Half-life’s criminally underserved fan base yesterday when HTC chairwoman Cher Wang said that the company, which is making Steam’s virtual reality headset, said …

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HTC ‘hopes’ for VR Half-life title while chatter again turns to Half-life 3 reveal

The chairwomen of HTC, which is making Valve’s VR headset, has hinted at a possible virtual reality version of Half-life. We are co-operating with Half-life,” Cher Wang told the BBC when asked if a Half-life game would be made for the system. I think… I hope, you know, it will …

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Half-Life 3 ‘is being worked on’, former Valve employee asserts

I mean, of course it’s being worked on, right? But if it’s being worked on, then where the hell is it? Etcetera etcetera. On what side of the fence you fall will completely dictate whether the following does or does not qualify as news. Nonetheless, here it is regardless: Former …

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Valve ‘leak’ lists Half-Life 3 development team

An undoubtedly completely innocent tech mishap has seemingly named a number of Valve developers currently working on Half-Life 3. As posted on Reddit, Valve’s internal User Picker software became available to the public briefly last night – just long enough, it transpires, for sleuths to extract from it a list …

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