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Microsoft plans Halo 3: ODST marketing blitz

Microsoft has revealed its mammoth marketing plans for upcoming Xbox 360 blockbuster, Halo 3: ODST. The Bungie-developed FPS is due to hit shelves on September 22nd and – as Microsoft’s biggest release of the year – the platform holder plans to support the title right up until Christmas and throughout …

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Is Jacksons Halo game still on?

Earlier this week Peter Jackson, the acclaimed director behind Hollywood film trilogy The Lord of the Rings, claimed that he is no longer working with Microsoft on a new Halo title – but the Xbox 360 platform holder seems less sure.

 On Monday Jackson said of Halo: Chronicles: That Halo …

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Gearbox developing Halo 4?

In what could be the biggest development surprise for quite some time, the Halo rumour mill has suddenly turned its attention to Texan developer Gearbox who many now believe is already working on Halo 4 for Xbox 360. When asked by Eurogamer whether one of its unannounced titles is indeed …

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Publishing deal close for new Bungie title

Independent developer Bungie is closing in on a publishing deal for its unannounced project; a game that marks the studio’s first major step away from the Halo universe. Bungie’s multiplayer designer Lars Bakken told Eurogamer that the group will know sometime soon” which company has secured a publishing deal with …

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Bungie bowing out of Halo franchise

Cult developer Bungie has admitted that Halo: Reach, of which hardly anything is yet known, will most likely be the last Halo title it develops for Xbox 360. However, the company also hinted that platform holder Microsoft may be less willing to give up on its hugely profitable brand – …

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Jacksons Halo game scrapped

Acclaimed director Peter Jackson has revealed that the secretive Halo game project he was once working on has been cancelled. Little was ever known of Jackson’s collaboration with Microsoft and now it appears that the collapse of the Halo film project has dampened any hopes of the anticipated games collaboration. …

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MS allegedly establishes Halo studio

Rumours are beginning to intensify that Microsoft’s Halo studio has established itself as 343 Industries”.

 Last year Microsoft Game Studios hired high-profile talent to its internal Halo studio, snapping up the likes of former MGS4 assistant producer Ryan Payton and Bungie’s Frank O’Connor.
 The studio hasn’t established its own name …

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