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Handheld gaming is not a ‘huge market opportunity’ says Sony

Sony CEO Andrew House voiced his concerns about the potential of handheld gaming outside of Asia during the Tokyo Game Show last week, Bloomberg reports. We have not seen that as being a huge market opportunity,” he said, specifically referring to handheld consoles’ potential outside of Asia. He admitted though …

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Nintendo wins lawsuit regarding handheld patent

Nintendo has emerged victorious after a company claimed that the platform holder’s handheld consoles infringed on its patent. The Quintal Research Group nailed down a patent in 2008 for a ‘computerized information retrieval system’. Such a system, the patent proposes, is described as having a generally rectangular shape, with a …

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Caught blue-handed: The Smurfs are coming to 3DS for the first time

Cerulean creatures The Smurfs are headed to Nintendo’s handheld in the form of a new mini-game collection. The Smurfs for Nintendo 3DS has been developed by prolific 3DS studio Magic Pockets, the back catalogue of which boasts more than 35 Nintendo handheld titles. The game provides an adventure built around …

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Handheld gaming’s battle to hold on

Calling any area of the games industry ‘dead’ is something that invariably comes back to haunt the person that said it. Nintendo in the early 2000s? Dead. PC gaming? Dead. Console gaming? Dying. All statements that were proven unequivocally wrong in the fullness of time. And yet when presented with …

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