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Football Manager coming to iPhone

It’s a title that gamers have been demanding for years and now Sega’s Sports Interactive has finally announced that it is coming – and it will be here within the next 48 hours. Football Manager Handheld 2010, as it will be called, should hopefully be on the App Store by …

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DS and PSP have ‘peaked’

Though both DS and PSP are expected to continue to lead the market for quite some time, both Sony’s and Nintendo’s machines have peaked – leaving Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch to drive the future growth of the handheld sector. That’s the prediction of DFC Intelligence, which predicts that Apple’s …

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Xbox handheld is coming

Whilst question marks remain over Microsoft’s intentions to make a gaming machine of its MP3 player Zune, the Xbox platform holder IS planning a foray into the handheld gaming space, according to corporate VP Shane Kim.

 When asked about a possible Microsoft handheld, Kim told Kikizo: For us, it’s a …

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Microsoft wants Zune HD to be a major player in handheld games

Details might be a bit sketchy, but Microsoft has today confessed that, yes, it wants in on the handheld gaming market. After years sitting on the sidelines – despite much speculation – and watching as first Nintendo, then Sony and lastly its bitter rival Apple all marked their territories in …

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Activision Blizzard: Wii to sell 16m in 2009

Activision president Mike Griffith has predicted that in the next year 16 million Wiis will be sold over 2009, forecasting healthy sales increases for all the remaining leading formats. For calendar year 2009, we expect the installed base of hardware in North America and Europe will be up eight million …

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Microsoft finally makes handheld gaming move

During the firm’s keynote at GDC today, Microsoft revealed that its Zune portable music player was staking a claim in the handheld gaming space by being able to play games made using XNA Game Studio. XNA general manager Chris Satchell demonstrated the portability of code between Zune, Xbox 360 and …

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