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Kojima sets 2018 Death Stranding release date, scoffs at Metal Gear Survive zombies

Death Stranding, the first game from the new Kojima Productions, could be out in 2018. That’s if Hideo Kojima’s hints are accurate, and his development schedules uncharacteristically tight. IGN reports that Kojima said at the Tokyo Game Show not only that the game would be out before the 2020 Tokyo …

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Konami announces its first post-Kojima Metal Gear game

Metal Gear Survive has been announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC. This is the first Metal Gear title to come from Konami since the high-profile split from series creator Hideo Kojima. IGN reports that Survive is a four-player co-op stealth game that sees – wait for it – Militaires …

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Snake’s Tale: David Hayter on recognising actors, working with Kojima and plans for his own game

As the voice of Snake for more than a decade, David Hayter is one of the most iconic performers in games, as well as a successful Hollywood writer and director. With the career-defining franchise now behind him, we ask about moving from triple-A to the indie scene, the importance of contributing to characters, and what lies ahead

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