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Io confirms that a new Hitman is on the way

Developer Io Interactive has confirmed that development has begun a new instalment in the Hitman franchise. The studio was dropped by previous owner Square Enix in May, and completed an MBO the following month – a deal which saw it retain the rights to its Hitman series. “Five months ago, …

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Freshly independent Io strips Denuvo from Hitman

Developer Io Interactive has updated the PC version of Hitman to remove its DRM. Having recently gained in its independence from former owner Square Enix and retained the Hitman rights, Io has immediately got to work. It’s first move has been to ditch Denuvo DRM. It has also made the …

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IO Interactive announce independence from Square Enix, with full control over Hitman IP

Following its split with publisher Square Enix, IO Interactive has announced that not only has it now gone fully independent, but it’s also obtained complete control of the Hitman IP, marking a happy end to the studio’s recent misfortunes. CEO Hakan Abrak broke the news this afternoon on IO Interactive’s …

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Io is dropping Hitman’s episodic model

Amidst a very uncertain backdrop, Io Interactive stealth game Hitman is dropping its episodic sales model. Io was put up for sale by owner Square Enix last month. Now it has announced that the various parts of Hitman’s first – and now seemingly only – season are to be condensed …

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"There was a lot of skepticism, as we were doing something new": IO on Hitman’s episodic move

At E3 2015, IO and Square Enix revealed a new entry in its Hitman series.  Simply called Hitman, this was a departure for the franchise, being released in an episodic fashion. Square had seen success with this model the year before with Dontnod’s episodic surprise smash hit, Life is Strange. …

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