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HTC announces new Vive Pro headset and ‘VR-first’ Viveport redesign

HTC Vive almost came out of nowhere in the VR headset race to take a hefty market share – in part due to its ambitious room-based tracking technology. The company is now further pushing its technical advantage over the competing Oculus Rift with a new Vive Pro headset and Vive …

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HTC Vive Fallout 4 VR bundle available now

To celebrate the launch of Bethesda’s upcoming Vive exclusive, Fallout 4 VR, HTC has announced a brand-new bundle deal for its virtual reality headset. Starting from today (October 2nd), every Vive purchase will come with a redemption code for Fallout 4 VR, which releases on December 12th, effectively giving buyers …

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HTC Viveport developers to keep all profits until 2018

HTC Vive is to boost the amount of revenue share developers receive on its global Viveport store to celebrate its one-year anniversary, the company has announced. This is in addition to a swathe of new features for developers that will be rolling out very soon. From October until the end …

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HTC and Google reveal $1.1bn smartphone deal

After months of falling profits, HTC has announced a $1.1bn cooperation agreement with Google that will see a number of HTC employees join the search giant. What’s more, Google will receive a non-exclusive licensing agreement for HTC IP. Many of the HTC employees joining Google have already worked on the …

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From Star Trek Bridge Crew to Fallout 4 VR, HTC Vive has ‘something for everyone’

Europe has one of the most diverse VR user bases in the world, HTC’s EMEA virtual reality division Graham Breen has told MCV, and has been responsible for some of the most popular VR game titles the industry’s seen so far. "We don’t go into regional breakdowns in terms of …

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HTC Vive price drops to £599

HTC Vive has announced its first price drop for its virtual reality headset. Starting from today, the HTC Vive will now cost just 599 in the UK, and all new purchases will come with a free trial to its Viveport subscription service, which lets consumers experience up to five titles …

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