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The Brave New World of VR

The future is here – virtual reality is finally launching for consumers. And this isn’t just the launch of a new product – VR’s arrival represents the starting point of an entirely new market. As of March 28th – when the first batch of Oculus’ Rift headsets ship – we …

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Setting up your room for SteamVR Vive is no easy task

And you thought making room for Kinect was tough? VentureBeat has spotted a Vive instruction manual uploaded by HTC that reveals the true extent of the effort needed by owners to set up their playing space for the full VR experience. The setup described is the one that is designed …

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Elite: Dangerous shifts focus from Oculus to SteamVR

One of the Oculus Rift’s earliest and brightest talismans has turned heel and backed a rival device. Eurogamer reports that developer Frontier has confirmed that its virtual reality development efforts are now being focused on Steam’s HTC Vive headset. Indeed, Elite Dangerous hasn’t been updated to work with more recent …

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HTC Vive pre-orders go live in February

One of the big three virtual reality companies has said consumers will be able to pre-order its headset next month. HTC, which has partnered with Steam to make the Vive, will begin accepting pre-orders on February 29th. Oculus Rift made a similar announcement last week, although that was just two …

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HTC Vive’s ‘big technology breakthrough’ in an integrated front-facing camera

The addition of a camera system has been revealed as the technological ‘breakthrough’ that has held up the launch of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. HTC revealed just before Christmas that the Vive would miss its 2015 launch date due to what was described as a very big technological …

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Valve’s HTC Vive VR won’t hit shelves until 2016

The virtual reality revolution has been delayed. With both PlayStation VR (formerly known as Project Morpheus) and Oculus Rift due out in the first half of 2016, Valve’s HTC-made Vive headset stood as the only of the big players scheduled for a limited release in 2015. With just days left …

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