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HTC Vive: Fallout 4 could be our killer app

HTC says the upcoming Fallout 4 game for Vive could be the headset’s system seller. Although the firm doesn’t believe in exclusivity in VR – and encourages developers to create games for Oculus and PlayStation VR as well – it is excited about the impact Fallout 4 may have on …

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HTC to launch Vive Business Edition

Virtual reality is coming to the corporate sector as HTC reveals it is releasing a Business Edition of its Vive headset. This special edition is available from this month in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and France only. The headset will then be released worldwide in the coming weeks”, HTC …

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Front Defense is HTC’s first internally developed game

VR platform holder HTC is making its debut as a games developer with new VR title Front Defence. The title will be shown off at Taiwan’s Computex trade show next week, VentureBeat reports. The title is a tower defence game with players holding out against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. …

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HTC Vive Steam VR gets $800 price tag

$800. That’s the amount it will take to buy HTC’s Steam VR Vive headset on launch day. It’s a staggering amount of money, even surpassing Oculus Rift’s at-the-time astonishing $600 RRP. That, incidentally, translated to 500 in the UK, so if Vive follows the same pattern we could be looking …

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HTC Vive’s ‘big technology breakthrough’ in an integrated front-facing camera

The addition of a camera system has been revealed as the technological ‘breakthrough’ that has held up the launch of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. HTC revealed just before Christmas that the Vive would miss its 2015 launch date due to what was described as a very big technological …

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