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New iOS SpongeBob Squarepants game includes £69.99 IAP

Another big children’s IP has chosen to pursue the premium in-app-purchase route. Apps Playground reports that Nickelodeon’s new SpongeBob SquarePants game for iPhone and iPad, which was released yesterday, includes an eye-watering 69.99 IAP. The game relies on two forms of in-game currency – gold coins and Jellyfish Jelly. These …

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ANALYSIS: Inconsistent app store strategies highlight IAP problems

An MCV investigation examining hundreds of apps has revealed a lack of consistency in the way in-game purchases are presented on digital stores. Some developers even claim their games are ‘completely free’, despite later asking players to stump up for power ups or tokens priced as high as 69.99. Following …

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£30.9m – the amount spent on unauthorised IAPs in Britain each month

Microsoft has calculated a truly staggering figure for the monthly spend on unauthorised apps and in-app purchases in the UK. The Guardian has word of a Microsoft survey that pegs the number at an eye-watering 30.9m. It gathered this data by questioning 2,000 British parents who own a smartphone or …

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IAP IN PICTURES: 10 games that broke the in app payment mould

The Office of Fair Trading this morning announced that it is to investigate in app purchase strategies employed by video games publishers. The move is a result of concerns that some customers – primarily children – are unwittingly spending sizable sums on content in games which, when they are initially …

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OPINION: Office of Fair Trading’s F2P scrutiny mustn’t be a witch hunt – but must be honest

Forgive me for opening with an ‘As a parent’ introduction. But as a parent, I know all to well the perils and concerns about children and content found on screens and online. My son, not even three yet, knows his way around an iPad. There are some games on there …

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