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Quake Live ditches F2P, becomes £6.99 Steam title

The Quake Live fanbase is one of the most hardcore and dedicated there is – so a surprise significant overnight change to the game has gone down like a lead balloon. With no warning whatsoever former free-to-play browser title Quake Live has suddenly dropped its subscription services and acquired a …

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Bethesda wants Doom to rival COD and Battlefield in FPS ranks

Doom.” Bethesda wants that to be the answer to the question What is your favourite FPS”. Over a decade after the launch of Doom 3 and over 20 years since the series’ debuted, Doom will next year re-enter the FPS race. And publisher Bethesda is desperate to make up for …

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BETHESDA: New Doom lets players create their own modes

Bethesda kicked off its E3 press conference with a gory showing of its new Doom game. Along with three (count them), violence-filled trailers, developer id Software showcased a new mode called Doom SnapMap. The idea behind the mode is to let players create their own levels and new gameplay modes, …

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