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“Connecting people, especially in the current climate, is just… I might have cried a little bit” – Building connections with Crayta and Stadia State Share beta


"It’s a bit weird to say that a lack of friction is a game changer, but it does make a lot of difference."

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“The first two months were terrible. No one knew how things were going to pan out so most projects got postponed or collapsed.” – Recording audio in a pandemic

We talk to Posy Brewer and Mark Estdale about the challenges the audio sector faces during this global pandemic

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“I wanted to get bits of British culture in the game that aren’t seen” – Can games help us understand what it means to be British?

We talk to the creators of Pendragon, Landlord’s Super and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture about their take on Britain and how they engage with our biggest issues

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