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Ch-Ch-Chucklefishion – Starbound devs discuss the crowdfunding challenge

Amid the hype surrounding Early Access titles like DayZ you might be forgiven for not knowing what Starbound is. It’s a sandbox title being made by London-based Chucklefish and is another in a list of successes on Valve’s Early Access platform. It has sold over 1m copies. It was initially …

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Why Cliff Harris quit triple-A

Out of the current line-up of indie developers, Cliff Harris is among the longest serving. In his past he has worked for Lionhead of Fable fame, but now he is a lone gun. His outfit, Positech, is a stark contrast to that triple-A studio. On its website, you will see …

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Is Garry Newman an indie?

Garry Newman is arguably one of the most iconic indie devs working in the industry right now. He was behind popular sandbox title Garry’s Mod, which at the start of the year had made over $30m and according to Newman should hit 5m copies sold since it launched in 2006. …

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