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Ravi Vijh: We need to talk about influencers

Ravi Vijh is account director at Bastion, a PR agency that has been ‘briefing and steering’ in games for 25 years. We need to talk about influencers. More specifically, we need to talk about how influencers have become a key sector in the make-up of modern media and – usually …

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Facebook brings in emerging content creators with ‘Level Up’ plus adds single destination page for streaming content

Facebook continues to try and a build a bigger presence in livestreamed game content. Which started with the launch of its Gaming Creator Pilot Programme back in January. It’s now adding to that with its Level Up Program which is targeted at emerging gaming creators. While such content can be …

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Forbes names Mark Fischbach as gaming’s top influencer

There are few words that define the changes to the games media landscape as strongly as ‘influencer’. With games PR now more heavily skewed towards the loudest voices than ever, Forbes has listed what it believes are the Top 10 influencers in games – and Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach is at …

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