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Innovation threatened by increasing dev costs, Raymond claims

Rising development costs will eventually stifle innovation in games, says the head of Ubisoft Toronto. Speaking toDigital Spy, Jade Raymond said as expectations rise with ever-more powerful hardware, it is tougher to take risks when developers are spending in excess of $100 million to create a triple-A game. That’s for …

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Blackberry accuses Apple of lacking innovation

BlackBerry 10 is about to debut in Australia, and BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins – a man seemingly exhilarated from the Z10 release – has spoke to theAustralian Financial Reviewto explain that Apple’s time as a dominant force is over. Of course, his comments are ridiculously premature, given that BlackBerry has …

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IHS Screen Digest questions Wii U potential as US launch nears

The Wii U arrives in the US this weekend, but one leading analyst has claimed Nintendo will need to up its game if it wants the new console to replicate the success of its predecessor. IHS Screen Digest analyst Piers Harding-Rolls does, however, believe that Wii U will have a …

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DICE defends EA’s track record of innovation

The perception that EA does little more than pump out mass-market sequels is unjust, owned studio DICE has argued. "EA is actually very prone to try out new things," Magnus Troedsson, the general manager of EA-owned studio and Battlefield creator DICE told Gamasutra. "And I have to say that sometimes …

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