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Met Police to establish troll-hunting unit

The London Police force has been given approval to establish a new unit designed specifically to target the perpetrators of online hate crimes. The BBC reports that the new team will consist of five officers. The Home Office is to contribute 452,000 of the two-year pilot’s 1.7m cost. Essentially the …

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.games domain websites will go on sale this year

Games companies will soon be able to register a .games domain for their company’s or product’s online presence. The website address suffix has been purchased by provider Rightside, which highlighted the extension as a way to promote a studio or specific franchise. "Our acquisition of .games is an exciting opportunity …

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Mozilla’s Firefox now blocks Flash by default

Firefox developer Mozilla has announced that the latest version of the browser will block Flash by default. The news comes after a seemingly never-ending string of security concerns about the once popular software, the most recent of which involved the exposure of a major vulnerability detailed in 400GB worth of …

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Trolls under pressure as both Reddit and Twitter take action to limit hate

The internet’s reputation as a hatred free-for-all is being increasingly challenged, and now two of its leading networks have taken steps to limit people’s freedom to abuse. Having outlined a new anti-harassment policy last month, Rediit has today taken the unprecedented step of completely banning five hate-led subreddits – r/fatpeoplehate …

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Trolling on the internet could now result in two year’s imprisonment

People caught sending abusive messages across the internet and social networks now face up to two years imprisonment under new laws. As reported byThe Telegraph, the measures introduced to the Criminal Justice and Court Act came into effect yesterday, raising the maximum penalty from six months to 24. The Government …

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Ready at Dawn: The internet is the new playground for bullies

The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn says that there is an uncanny ‘haterade’ for its upcoming PS4 title. The game has this week been caught up in a bit of a storm over allegations that its single player campaign – which comprises the entirety of the game – is …

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