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Super Obama World arrives online

Casual gaming devs have once again proved that their finger’s on the pulse of current affairs by releasing a new Flash game paying tribute to the USA’s new President elect. Super Obama World boasts more than a passing resemblance to Nintendo’s legendary SNES classic Super Mario World, though the familiar …

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Signs point to E3 Animal Crossing announcement

Alongside talk of a new motion-sensing Xbox 360 joypad, another near certainty for E3 appears to be an announcement from Nintendo of a Wii version of its hugely popular Animal Crossing series. VG247 reports that the personal blog of Nintendo Official Magazine staffer Tom East carried a post stating that: …

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Sony: Web sales will rule by 2018

Sony Computer Entertainment UK MD Ray Maguire has predicted that 90 per cent of games sales will be taking place online in ten years’ time. Speaking at an ELSPA press conference with Dr Tanya Byron last week, Maguire read out his concerns with recommendations in the Byron Review – focusing …

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